Wiltshire Farm Foods Swansea

Wiltshire Farm Foods

The challenge

When Sue started her own business, she had no experience or formal training in business administration.  The business she bought in 2002 had a turnover of £400,000.

Work completed

Sue said that from the outset Steve helped her to get the basics right with a clear business plan, setting up premises, buying capital equipment, and recruiting staff.

“Steve’s coaching has taught me about cash flow, customer service, and all aspects of growing and managing the business. He didn’t just guide me, he also got directly involved in supporting me with staff training and being a sounding board whenever I needed it.”

The Results

With a lot of hard work and Steve’s support throughout they have enjoyed fourfold growth in 10 years.”I’m very grateful for his training support and patience which has made my business a success.” Sue

Sue Aldrich – Business owner Swansea