Kevin provides us with a solid sounding board.

Alan Campbell Engineering Services

Kevin Cook is our Business Doctor covering Cheshire. The following testimonial has been provided by his client, Alan Campbell Engineering Services.

While working at a senior level within large businesses, single and multi-site operations, I have observed that SME businesses often can’t afford the luxury of employing discrete people to fulfil essential functions such as Finance, HR, Quality, Sales and Marketing, yet the company still needs them.

Furthermore, there may be no one within the organisation that is suitable (or trustworthy) to discuss complex or sensitive issues with.

For these reasons, we decided to engage with a Business Doctor, Kevin.

Kevin has a wide range of business experience and knowledge and is our go-to person when we need a confidential sounding board.

And because Kevin is not involved in the day-to-day demands of our business, his views are never clouded by emotion, enabling him to focus on the critical issues at hand.

Bringing in a strong external advisor has dramatically impacted our business growth in the last few years. And unlike other advisers I’ve worked with previously, Kevin is happy to roll up his sleeves and get stuck in with the dirty stuff when the going gets tough.

Alan Campbell  BEng(hons), MBA, CEng, MIMechE.