Martin’s words of wisdom continue to ring in our ears


Testimonial for Martin from Gunnercooke

Martin Williamson is our Business Doctor covering Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford. The following testimonial has been provided by his client, Michele Price, Charity & Philanthropy Partner.

“I think that the sign of a good coach is that even six months plus after the coaching ends, you still feel Martin’s encouraging presence, and his words of wisdom continue to ring in your ears.

“I still use the tools, practices, notes and reasoning in my business, which Martin worked through with me over the nine months that I spent with him as my business coach. Having just started up a new business, there was a lot for me to juggle, but I have come to recognise that I must value my time, charge accordingly, and prioritise the work that adds value to my charity clients at a price that works for both them and me. Martin helped me put together a suite of cost-effective services for charities that enabled me to make the transition from a traditional legal practice to a consultancy-based one.

“In recognising where I have got to and what I have achieved, I can reflect on how Martin helped get me here and appreciate when one of his phrases pops into my head, or I find myself going back to my coaching notes. He was down to earth, practical, good fun and no-nonsense to work with, and that’s why I continue to reap the benefits.”

Michele combines a passion for helping charities and all forms of not-for-profits succeed with enthusiasm for advising philanthropists and social investors on how best to support the causes close to their hearts. Above all, she cares about what you care about. She will get to the bottom of your issues and help you thrive. Her clients value her because she is a trusted adviser who delivers solutions with wisdom, care and a real appreciation for the not-for-profit landscape.