Wiltshire Farm Foods – Crewe

Wiltshire Farm Foods

The challenge

Having achieved excellent growth in the business for a solid six years, our business began to reach a point in the cycle where things started to plateau.

Steve was at hand to help them unpick the current situation and then start to investigate a new plan to help them reboot.

Work completed

“Steve helped us to understand and make the shift from being fully immersed in the day-to-day operations of the business to leading and managing a team of staff effectively for growth” said Annelouise.

Once they had secured the funding to invest in doubling their premises and infrastructure, Steve helped them write a working business plan firstly by analysing their customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty figures. Steve, then broke down potential growth into clear percentages and values that they were then able to apply costs to and plan for.

The results

“Steve was always available for regular reviews, his advice was clear and targeted. The evaluation helped us adapt and maintain a steady trajectory of growth for the following years and supported us in being consistently focused until the next planning cycle.” Annelouise

Annelouise Rigby