Sports Partnership

We were asked to undertake a review of the strategy and organisation of the Cheshire and Warrington Sports Partnership with a view to identifying what was needed in order to make the company fit for purppose in order to meet their developmental challenges for the next five years.

We helped them to develop a blueprint and strategy and a coherent form of organisation to develop both their long term and intermediate objectives.

Following a Board development day, we challenged them to examine their own purposes and structures in order to identify their goals.  We then provided an effective development plan and the creation of a new organisational structure.

“The strength of Business Doctors is the clarity of their analysis, and the effective and direct way in which they suggest solutions.  The solutions arrived as a result of mutual identification of issues and problems.  This cooperative approach has been highly successful and we are grateful for their very effective contribution to the construction and implementatio of a new form of organisation which is now more suited to the taskes which lie ahead.”