My Super Vee Ltd

Tim helped me develop and grow my business, My Super VA, during 2013 and has been invaluable identifying and formalising processes and systems so that I have a sound foundation on which my business can grow and still serve customers as effectively and efficiently as they’ve been accustomed to.

Tim has helped with setting up processes for recruiting/filtering, selecting, onboarding suitable team members as well as ongoing team trainings so that the team can keep abreast of the moving feat of technology so that we can be efficient and effective for our clients.

Tim has helped me with rebranding and marketing strategy and is a great sounding board for the many ideas I keep coming up with. He’s also helped me make the transition from being a solopreneur (who did everything and had great difficulty letting go) to being able to manage and direct my team so they work confidently to my high values and standards.

The ground work of setting up the processes and systems last year has had a direct impact on the bottom line. I’ve now been able to double my team from 2 to 4, shed underperforming team members, and grow my client base which has doubled my monthly average turnover.

I can recommend Tim as a great business coach who also rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck in with you to make things happen.