Champion & Reeves

The two directors of Champion Reeves Ltd decided to engage the services of Business Doctor Ian Follington. We found that we were so consumed with manufacturing our products leading up to Christmas that we had not been able to focus on the overall structure and direction of the business.

We have been very impressed with the process offered by Business Doctors and Ian has been instrumental in encouraging us to take time out from office duties and focus more on the direction, structure and strategy of the business.  We have spent time analysing where profits are coming from and we have had time to discuss thought provoking questions and come to conclusions.

It was also important for us to create a mission statement and had one shaped for us from our values and aspirations.

In summary our time and costs have been very worthwhile and it has been an excellent discipline and provided us with a focus.

On a personal level, Ian is a superb communicator and he gets to the nub of things quickly, his no-nonsense approach means not a moment is wasted and a touch of wry humour is very welcome when discussing something as important as your ambition and livelihood.

Champion & Reeves were recently awarded Shropshire Star finalist for their excellence in business awards 2017. More recently, during a visit from HRH they received a royal seal of approval!