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What’s the best way to make a sale? (Sales & Marketing, part 4/5)



When a business owner starts out it is likely they will be the primary seller. They have a passion for what they do, and the sales process relies upon them intoxicating the buyer with their passion for what they do. But this is not sustainable, as it is not scalable. Therefore, a sales process needs to be developed which is suitable for the situations which arise.

People will not buy something unless they want or need it. The ease with which they will buy will depend upon two options. Either, the level of pain they will experience if they do not make the purchase, or the amount of satisfaction they will gain from buying.

There are several sales methodologies, a sample being:

  • SPIN, Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need-Payoff by Neil Rackham
  • SNAP, Simple, Invaluable, Aligned, Priority by Jill Konrath
  • Value Selling – aimed at selling by focusing on Value
  • Solution Selling – aimed at selling by highlighting a solution
  • Concept Selling – aimed at selling a concept as opposed to something specific
  • Sandler Selling System – A system aimed at reducing objections early on
  • SUMO, Shut, Up, Move, On a brutal seeking of No responses to get to yes more quickly

Sales to new customers is one method of increasing sale, the other method is to generate more sales from existing or dormant customers. Generating sales from existing customers is often referred to as Key account management in the B2B arena and is based upon developing a mutually beneficial relationship.

Sales are hard. Sales people take a lot of knock backs which can be demoralising, but each knock back is a learning opportunity. The marketing teams make customers aware, or identify leads for the sales teams, but the sales person is responsible for closing the deal. By reviewing who has bought, the marketing and sales people can identify targets most likely to buy. They then need to understand the pain the different types of customer experiences. Knowing the types of pain means they can then develop their marketing and arm the sales team with the tools, information and most appropriate methodology, to put them in the best position to close a deal.

If you want to reset your sales approach, because your sale process is painful for you. Please contact me for a no-obligation sales review.