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How Engaged Is Your Organisation and Why Does It Matter?

Lynne Rawlinson



In an Engaged Organisation people have strong working relationships, enjoy higher happiness levels and are therefore more involved and perform better. The keys to turning your organisation into an engaged organisation are already within your business – you just need to know how to find them and how to use them.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your organisation is or what business you are in, the level of engagement from the top down will govern how well it performs. We have just witnessed the power of engagement with Team GB at the Rio Olympics.

It all starts with defining the Core Purpose of your organisation. This is a clear statement that defines what your organisation does and why. The “Why” component is critical because when you create a big enough “Why” for people, they will become emotionally involved in finding a “How”.  Only then can your Core Purpose be effectively projected to your customers and your organisation achieve its full potential.

The characteristics of an Engaged Organisation include the following:
1. Improved performance – staff want to contribute more to day-to-day activities
2. Higher staff retention and lower absenteeism – people will be more committed and loyal
3. Better recruitment – easier to attract good staff
4. Improved customer service – staff will go “that extra mile” in the service/work they offer
5. Effective business development – actively involving the whole team
6. Higher creativity – a fun, enjoyable business culture which encourages innovation

How do you Improve Engagement?

It’s very difficult to improve something in a meaningful way unless you can measure it. There are effective, low cost tools available to enable you to measure track and improve the level of engagement in your organisation.

Improving engagement is based on asking the right questions, listening to the answers, providing feedback and then taking action in an ongoing cycle.
However, if you are planning to improve engagement in your organisation proceed with caution.

If you launch into a programme without the necessary commitment it will be perceived as just another “flavour of the month” exercise and can actually set your team back.

An effective staff engagement requires you, the owner, and your management team to be committed for the long haul. Managed properly, there will be some quick wins but bear in mind that evolution does not happen overnight. It takes time and ongoing focus from the top down to embed a true culture of engagement into an organisation.

An Engaged Organisation is strong and protected because it is cross-engaged, bonded and linked together with a common “Why”.

Improving engagement in your organisation is the key to achieving gold medal winning performances in your business.

Please contact me if you would like to learn how you can improve engagement in your organisation.