Raphael Fiorentino - New Business Doctor for Somerset.

Seasoned businessman Raphael Fiorentino has joined forces with the national SME support network Business Doctors, bringing his unique skills and experiences to the table.

Raphael will be operating his new business, Business Doctors Somerset, from rural Somerset, his home county. In this venture, he will be collaborating with two other established Business Doctors, Richard Tidswell (Avon & Somerset) and Paul Neck (South West), to provide comprehensive support to SMEs in the region.

After four careers spanning 35 years as a chemical engineer, strategy consultant, investment manager and most recently fintech entrepreneur, Raphael sees Business Doctors Somerset as his way of ‘paying it forward’.

“However gifted and lucky as a founder, however foresighted and resilient as a managing director, however competent and considerate as an executive, everyday SME leaders get to ride this emotional rollercoaster called entrepreneurship. I have been on this rollercoaster and have many a mentor and adviser to thank for seeing it through”.

“As a business “doctor”, one of the “procedures” I most look forward to is to deliver business valuation “booster shots”! By which I mean working with SMEs on building up well ahead of time the business fitness that will ultimately lead to their smooth exit at the desired price.”

Raphael had his 15-minutes of fame as a sportscar racing driver but now accepts that “the older I get, the faster I was”. He however remains very active when it comes to cycling and tasting fine wines.

Managing director and co-founder Matthew Levington said, “We are delighted to welcome Raphael to our close-knit network. He certainly has the experience we seek in a Business Doctor, and he is ready to ditch his corporate identity and roll his sleeves up to help others.”

Raphael can be contacted here.

Business Doctors launched in the Northwest of England in 2004 and now has offices in Bulgaria, Belgium, India, Republic of Ireland, Malta, Myanmar, Portugal and South Africa.