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The Freedom Seminar


Maximizing the value of your business today puts you in control of your future. You could sell for a premium or continue growing knowing you are building a valuable asset for the future. In this seminar, we will reveal the eight factors that drive the bulk of your company’s value. You’ll learn how to:

• Increase your performance on each of the eight drivers of company value.

• Maximize your company’s overall value.

• Find strategic buyers for your business.

• Structure your business to maximize its value.

• Structure your business in the most tax efficient way.

• Boost your company’s cash flow.

• Differentiate your business so you no longer compete on price.

• Minimize your company’s reliance on your personal involvement.

In addition to the seminar, you will also receive:

• Access to the Value Builder System to better understand the financial value of your business today.

• Bespoke feedback on how to increase the value of your business by improving the eight drivers.

• Access to 1-2-1 consultation with our panel of experts

Meet the panel: