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Moving a client from “good” to “great”


You’re a business advisor (say an accountant):

Do your clients think you are a “good” advisor or a great advisor?

• You can crunch the numbers with your eyes closed

• Your compliance work is in the top 1% of the Profession

• You’re always available to answer questions

• You’re seen as “necessary”?

• You only see them once or twice a year because you mainly do accounts and tax…

• You’d love to help them with business development, but…

I talk to many advisors and accountants and one recurring theme particularly stands out: they don’t just want to be known as number crunchers and compliance experts. They want to help their clients build their businesses, but often can’t devote the extra hours that would need.

What would your clients say if you could provide them with effective business development services?

This 90-minute workshop will show you:

• Why Clients are crying out for good advice;

• Why many advisors cannot always provide the highest levels of business development advice; and

• The 8 drivers of value in a Client’s business you should be working on.

Following this workshop, you will also have access to:

• A Business Value Report for your Clients’ businesses; and

• A 60-minute follow-up Zoom meeting on a private basis for you and/or your Clients to discuss specific issues that you/they are facing.

This session will not be recorded for privacy purposes.

I would love to see you on the workshop so simply book a ticket to attend.

Martin Williamson

Business Doctor

(My profile is here.)