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Business Resilience and Bounce Back Workshop


We are here to help with a free online workshop to help your business and workforce rebound from the corona virus crisis.

Your business can bounce back from the crisis in much better shape – join Lawrence Wilson from Business Doctors who will explain how.

Lawrence Wilson will show you the 6R’s:

Return : When is the right time to return to work and what pressures that return might bring?

Renew : When was the last time you reflected on your aspirations, values, culture, purpose and vision both professionally and personally?

Review: Few business owners take the time to review outside influences on their business, this will help you to re-orient within the new normal.

Refresh: We look at 7 major areas of your business and facilitate how you can review your previous, current and future business model to start identifying new market opportunities.

Revive: We examine the strengths and opportunities that currently exist in your business and help you take a fresh look in the mirror to ensure you can align opportunities with capabilities.

Regenerate: We look at what personal qualities you need and the actions to take to make it all happen. Arguably the most difficult step, so we also discuss planning and implementation.

Our way of life has changed and will do for the foreseeable future, so now is the time to plan for business success.

You will be asked to interact with other participants and to ask questions relevant to your own circumstances. Please keep camera and mic on , ready to participate.

Businesses will also have the opportunity to have a free 1-hour consultation over Zoom (optional of course!) to discuss everything in more detail on a more private, one-to-one basis.