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BIG Byte: Digital agency approach and BREAKING BIG Seminar

Oreste Maspes


BIG Bytes are an opportunity for people running, working in and thinking about starting up (their own business), to gain real insight and from others who have been there. All of our speakers are building their own business / have been there / specialise in business support / offer advice to ensure you keep a balance between work and life as you grow.

The first speaker, Oreste, will be presenting “Breaking Big – 10 practical steps to success” :

At the seminar you will learn how to:
-Get clarity on your business vision and its effectiveness
-Maximise your business capabilities
-Stand out from the crowd
-Find and exploit your competitive edge
-Focus your marketing on the right customers
-Manage and support the best people for your business
-Understand the big picture and future proof your business

The second speaker, Chris, will be talking about “How to approach digital agency effectively” :

Project estimation as cooked in a digital agency kitchen.
Why they won’t tell you the truth, how not to get fed with rubbish and get relevant numbers from them.

Why they will lie to you and what you can do about it. How not to get cheated by the service supplier.

This talk is targeted at businesses and individuals that want to use 3rd party digital services agencies to launch their project.

You will have, in the end of the event, the opportunity to give us your feedback about the speakers and the event itself 🙂